Global Cast
  Quality Comntrol
 -  Inward raw material analysis by Hand held portable Spectrometer
 -  Chemical Analysis by Lab model Spectrometer imported from Germany for all the heats.
 -  Dimensional Inspection by Digital Vernier Callipers, Height Gauges, Slip Gauges and CMM from Mitutoyo JAPAN.
 -  Roughness Test, Mitutoyo.
 -  Radiography Testing.
 -  Mechanical Testing, UTS, YS.
 -  Ultrasonic Testing.
 -  Liquid Penetrant Testing.
 -  Magnetic Particle Inspection.
 -  Metallography Inverted Microscope for Micro Structure with image analyse.
 -  Short time High Temperature Tension Test Facility.
 -  Magnetic Permeability Test Facility.
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